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What Do You Wear to Your Vegas Wedding?

Good question! Thanks for asking.

Well, originally I was all about the Betty Draper mid-century theme to match my Elvis wedding.

I thought it would be an awesome twist on a Vegas Wedding… classy, while still keeping in theme. And those fashions are everywhere right now!

Louis Vuitton Campaign

I was totally coveting the one from the Louis Vuitton campaign, but of course I can’t afford the likes of LV! And besides that, I look ridiculous in puffy dresses. Always have, probably always will.

Then I sat down with two of my favourite boys in the entire world yesterday – the creative duo that is JASONGRECH – Jason Grech and Harry Georgiou. They did my first wedding dress under their JASONGRECH White label – my traditional, beautiful beaded French lace and georgette couture gown with a train… and I adore it so much.

I told them I didn’t KNOW yet what I was wearing…

And they took my Vegas wedding, flipped it on it’s head and made it a billion times better in a heartbeat!

It’s VEGAS, y’all! Of course you’re going to embrace it and go for a bling, rockstar, fitting-of-the-neon-strip wedding!

So here – in pictures – is my Vegas Rockstar Wedding Dress in the making! JASONGRECH hand-make everything from their gorgeous North Melbourne Style Office. It’s being put together as we speak!

JASONGRECH Bedazzle Dress
JASONGRECH Bedazzle Dress
JASONGRECH Bedazzle Dress
JASONGRECH Bedazzle Dress
JASONGRECH Bedazzle Dress

Tiffany blue, strapless and short with sequins and that signature JASONGRECH hand-detailing on the skirt. Not unsimilar to the beautiful champagne-coloured number the boys put on Jessica Mauboy for Fashion Aid III this year:

JASONGRECH Jessica Mauboy Dress

So that’s what I’m wearing! What do you think of it? I love it, I’m so excited! Now… what Den should wear to fit our new Vegas Rockstar theme?

See you Saturday!

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8 comments for “What Do You Wear to Your Vegas Wedding?”

  1. Posted by Peta Pledger | October 13, 2010, 9:21 am

    Beautiful dress! I love the colour.

    Have a wonderful wedding! xo

  2. Posted by Emma O | October 13, 2010, 3:37 pm

    That’s awesome Emma!

  3. Posted by Emma | October 15, 2010, 4:23 am

    Thanks ladies! I’ll post pics as they come through. Very excited. Not sure what to put the groom in yet!

  4. Posted by Sandy Sandmeyer | October 15, 2010, 12:21 pm

    Your dress is much prettier than Jessica Mauboy’s. Congratulations!

  5. Posted by Emma | November 11, 2010, 11:51 am

    Naw, thanks Sandy. Was made by the same designer, a great friend of mine and he’s so, so talented. I felt like a princess in it!

  6. Posted by Emma | November 11, 2010, 11:51 am

    … a very sparkly princess.

  7. Posted by sarah drayton | January 19, 2012, 5:45 am

    the champagne dress with the ruffles ….i need to know where i can get it and how much please please email me about this dress im so in love with it and its so me thank u in advance

  8. Posted by Emma | January 19, 2012, 12:57 pm

    Hi Sarah,

    It’s by JASONGRECH, an Australian designer. They make to measure only – go to their site and email them, not sure on prices.

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