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Whats Love Got to do With it?

I’m no expert in love… it’s difficult to feel like I have anything to contribute when I look into my past and all I see is massive relationship meltdowns with previous partners.

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Maybe after all these years Tina Turner has found the answer for us? “Does love actually have anything to do with it?” If she could kindly post a comment that would be appreciated…

What I do know is that a relationship needs to be worked on, by both parties. I feel fortunate that I happen to run a site called $30 date night that forces me to actively work on my relationship with Emma. And it makes her do the same.

What’s different about this relationship to my previous ones is that we consciously make an effort to spend time with each other. Our designated nights (Wednesday nights = Den and Em’s night, and we alternate the dating duties each week).

When Wednesday comes around there is something different in the air – it’s hard to explain it – it just is! There’s excitement and anticipation even though my expectations are low… I’m not expecting fireworks each time Emma takes me out, I know that she is pulling the idea from a site that only gives you date ideas that are $30 or less, so I cannot blame her if it’s a flop… I mean it’s only $30 – what can I truly expect from my partner with a budget of only $30?

On the flip side, when it’s my turn to date Emma, I don’t feel any pressure that I need to impress. I can blame the site if it all goes rubbish. To be honest, these days I go for the cheesy date ideas because they are the ones that get the bigger laughs – we’re actually expecting the night to be tragic.

So who’s got the remedy… that magic bullet to produce and maintain the perfect relationship? I shudder when I read magazine headlines of the perfect date, the perfect relationship or sexual position. Are these people the experts? Does the editor have the answer? I mean, what is the status of their relationship???

Maybe my parents are the experts, soon to celebrate their 34th anniversary! Congrats to them… Surely after such a long time of being together they are the perfect candidates to guide us with the truths of what love actually is, but I, like most children have seen the difficult times our parents have gone through… the pain, the arguments and the almost break-ups. So is love actually the rocky road that we travel?

I don’t have the answer for you… the secret to the perfect relationship! But I do know that there is an element of my relationship with the gorgeous Emma that keeps me waiting for the next Wednesday to come around…

What’s your answer?

Tina… Are you there???

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