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What’s your HOTTEST date night?

Date Night has many meanings to all types of people. For me (Denis Merkas), it’s our chance to introduce something new and fresh into our relationship… something that we have not done on a date night before. Some have worked… and some have failed. But most have made us giggle. Some date nights have pushed our comfort circles and others have been as familiar as brushing teeth. And sometimes the date nights have lead to pretty hot and steamy scenarios where others have been quite subdued and relaxed…

For me, the hottest date night was actually done during the day… in a Hedge Maze. We got a little cheeky and up to no good, but we got away with it (we’ll, I think we did.) There is a watered down version of what happened on this blog, you can use your imagination to fill in the blanks. So what’s your HOTTEST night

Or your sweetest date night

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One comment for “What’s your HOTTEST date night?”

  1. Posted by Belinda | September 18, 2008, 6:43 am

    The first time I really spoke to my now-fiance was at a stargazing outing with friends. I’d never done it before, and wasn’t too fussed on it, but I’m so glad I went. It was dark all but for the stars, moon and the glow from the laptop (hooked up to my friend’s telescope). It was very cool, with dew starting to set in. We were all lounging on our picnic chairs and picnic blankets in the dark. Despite having some 12 other of my friends around, I could only focus on the conversation I was having with this very handsome, somewhat shy guy. Totally romantic. I think I did about 3 minutes of actual stargazing that night, but I loved it. The second time I really spoke to him was again with friends, out on a bushwalk through a nature reserve. We conveniently fell behind to talk together. The lovely surroundings were also a good reason for us to take lots of photos of each other, and get close for some great group shots.
    Both of these ‘dates’ were virtually free, and the presence of friends definitely got rid of the pressure of sustaining conversation should it run dry.

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