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Date Night Fails

Where, oh, where did my date night go?

For anyone keeping count, you may notice that it was Den’s date night turn last week. You may also notice there is no post from Den.

That’s right, there was no date night. Sigh. We had originally rescheduled to Saturday but SOMEONE woke up with a sore head, feeling very sorry for themselves after a big night. Date night was cancelled.

Look, I know sh*t happens, but one can’t help but be a little disappointed… : (

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2 comments for “Where, oh, where did my date night go?”

  1. Posted by Jenna | August 25, 2008, 2:48 am

    Pffft… typical man.

  2. Posted by Denis | August 29, 2008, 11:44 pm

    To my defence…

    The night before date day (Friday night) = Asahi, Asahi, Asahi, Bourbon, Asahi, Moet, Asahi, Jager Bomb (who the fuck gave me this??? Ok, it’s rude not to drink it!!! Finished… YUK! Shoot me if I ever hold that drink in my hand again.) Asahi, bourbon, bourbon………….. souvlaki??? No, better not! Home, water, water , water… sleep.

    Saturday Morning = GAME OVER!!!!

    I refuse to hold responsiblity… I completely blame the person who bought me the Jager Bomb, and I also blame Emma for not drinking my Jager Bomb when I offered it to her! It is a foul drink and the person who gave it me (you know who you are) should stop doing that.

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