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Who Lies About Money?

The very clever team at Deals.com has come up with this cute-as-ten-buttons visual representation of Love & Money based on some recent findings… just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Money is one of those Big Things that couples argue most about. You only have to look below to see that no matter if you’re doing it tough or you’re rolling in it, you still fight about money just the same.

And if the two of you have different attitudes towards money? Well, that can cause one of those plate-throwing, name-calling incidents that no one likes to have.

I’ve spoken before about how financially retarded I can be. And yes, I’m one of those people from the graphic below that “Hide Purchases” and “Misrepresent Amount of Purchases” (Though… uhhh… Den, if you’re reading.. That dress is like, years old. I can’t believe you’ve never noticed it before. Plus? It was on sale. No – not sale, it was free. Com-plete-ly free…)

Infographic showing the relationship between love and money

Well if all of the above sounds familiar to you, then it may be time to take a look at your saving and spending habits. A great place to start is our Everything You Need to Know About Budgeting as a Couple series.

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One comment for “Who Lies About Money?”

  1. Posted by Denis | February 16, 2011, 11:07 am

    Dear Emma – it’s your husband here!

    I am totally aware of the BS you feed me and the secret spending sessions you go on.

    I play along to humour you… Now stop spending our money!

    Your loving husband, Den!

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