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Dinner and DVD Date Night – With a Twist

Some nights, you just can’t be assed leaving the house for date night. I was exhausted this week after organising an event for fashion week, sleeping badly… you know the drill. I just wanted to snuggle up under a blanket, eat some good food and be with Den. Boring, right?


Well, there’s one way to make your night a little bit more interesting! Theme it. A good theme can bring any dreary event to life, even if it is just dinner and a movie!


I went with Italian night and arrived home with all the ingredients for THREE KINDS (that’s right, knock yourself out kiddies) of homemade mini pizzas, Life is Beautiful (La Vita e Bella) on DVD and plans to get out for a brisk walk to buy some gourmet gelato down the road.


It was exactly what we needed. I forced my workaholic fiancée to shut down his laptop for the entire night (people, the key to having date night at home is to behave as if you’re out – no work, no computer, no mobile phone if you can help it!) and we fooled around in the kitchen making pizzas together, feasted on them, then rugged up (Melbourne is still freezing despite promises of winter being over!) and took a nice 30 minute round trip to go get some gelato.

Italian Night at Home


We were chatting non-stop the entire time, which is always the sign of a successful date night idea. The brain chemistry that is sparked off by doing something novel and fun is immediately obvious to me in the manner we have with each other on date night – it’s a completely different rapport to what we have together any other time in the week, and I am fast becoming addicted to it. If we miss a week and don’t get our night together then I start to get antsy.


Once we got back, we pushed the two couches together (yep, we were going all out – just like those little old couples that push their single beds together for the nights they want to get frisky!) and settled into the movie. This is a movie that needs to be watched in Italian with the subtitles running – if you watch the English dubbed version, I will hunt you down and shoot you myself.


We laughed, we cried a little (touching movie), we snuggled a lot. A thoroughly enjoyable, low-key date night.


Some other ideas in the same thread:

Indian Date Night – make up a pot of Chicken Tikka Masala, get some pappadums and mango lassi and hire a Bollywood movie to watch together.

Japanese Date Night – try making sushi if you’re adventurous, or otherwise buy the sushi in and try your hand at a healthy Udon Soup. Get some Pocky or other fun candy for dessert and kick back to watch Lost in Translation or Memoirs of a Geisha together.

Mexican/Spanish Date Night – Think a pitcher of sangria or margarita, Paella (or maybe tacos) and a great Spanish film like Y Tu Mama Tambien or Like Water for Hot Chocolate.


Although according to our ‘Rate the Date’ function on ThirtyDollarDateNight.com, while Italian, Indian and Japanese themed nights are all the rage, no one really likes the Mexican themed night. What’s up with that?

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2 comments for “Dinner and DVD Date Night – With a Twist”

  1. Posted by Sexy Italian | September 6, 2008, 3:45 am

    It is a well known fact that, of all types of food, Mexican gives you the most gas.

    And sexy nights do not run on gas.

  2. Posted by james | October 10, 2009, 3:54 pm

    Great ideas! Why not a Russian Date Night,French date Night,A date night with a favorite author,books and films…Argentina date night-Tango for Two?

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