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Why Don’t Men Listen?

I get Deja Vu on a regular basis, what with the amount of times I have to repeat myself during the day.

I don’t know what goes through Den’s head when I talk. I can only imagine it’s something along the lines of “miow-miow-miow-miow, miow-miow-miow-miow, miow-miow-miow-miow-miow-miow-miow-miow”… Or perhaps the grating pitch of my voice inspires some sort of mini-seizure in his brain, just like that Japanese TV show. Because the man can’t for the life of him seem to follow what I say.

Why don't men listen?

He’ll have an entire conversation with me about, say, what’s for dinner (and I’m talking a two-way conversation with him giving answers and everything), but then 10 minutes later he’ll pipe up “So, what’s for dinner?”

Or he’ll stop me halfway through a story and ask me to start from the beginning again, because he wasn’t listening (at least he admits it). I feel like everything I say is a complete waste of breath!

Even just now – JUST AS I’M WRITING THIS AND SEARCHING MY BRAIN FOR EXAMPLES OF WHEN HE DOESN’T LISTEN – Just this second, he called from the other room “Have you used that JB Hi-Fi gift card yet?”…

Two days ago, I left the house, telling him I was going to JB Hi-Fi for a hardcase laptop bag. He was sitting on the couch at the time. I then left the house and returned 20 minutes later. He was in the same spot where I’d left him He asked where I’d been.
“JB Hi-Fi, to buy a laptop case. See?” I pulled it out to show him.
“How much was that?”
“Free!” I said “I used my gift card!”
He questioned where his half of the voucher was, as it was technically a gift to both of us. I reminded him that last time we were in the store together, he said I could use the full card as he didn’t need anything right now.

WE HAD A WHOLE CONVERSATION ABOUT IT, PEOPLE! And then he JUST asked if I’d used the card, just that second.


The BBC gives men the benefit of the doubt, citing a study that shows men only use the left side of their brain to listen, while women use their entire brain. (Perhaps it’s the right side of the brain that actually interprets the information that they’re missing out on into something meaningful?)

I don’t know… I reckon it’s a bit of a cop out. Just like “sex addiction” and the newly coined “runaway husband syndrome” that I heard about last week….

Does your partner possess excellent listening skills? Or do you also find yourself stuck on repeat as you try to drive a thought through to them? If you’re a guy, do you care to explain yourself on the behalf of your people?

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2 comments for “Why Don’t Men Listen?”

  1. Posted by Denis | February 3, 2010, 11:22 pm

    miow-miow-miow-miow-miow-miow-miow-miow-miow-miow… miow-miow-miow-miow-miow-miow-miow-miow-miow-miow-miow-miow, miow-miow-miow-miow-miow-miow-miow-miow-miow-miow-miow-miow-miow-miow, miow-miow-miow-miow-miow-miow-miow-miow-miow-miow

    Actually – a very funny post cause it made me laugh

  2. Posted by PV | February 7, 2010, 8:38 pm

    Typical male!!

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