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Married Life

Why We Love, Why We Cheat

In the midst of researching for my new ebook, I came across this great presentation given by Dr. Helen Fisher at the 2006 Ted Conference. We love Dr. Fisher’s research and I don’t know how this particular clip has eluded me for four years now.

In it, she explains the brain chemistry of the stages of love, why we cheat, why women rejoining the workforce is going to impact romantic love and the role that our prescription-happy Western society may well have in the demise of romantic love…. It’s 24 minutes long, but it’s fascinating. Grab a coffee and sit to watch.

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  1. Posted by mX Column: Casual Sex? Not Always Casual. | $30 date night | Date Ideas, Marriage & Romance Blog | June 23, 2010, 7:36 am

    [...] recently heard an interesting detail from the mouth of Dr. Helen Fisher that stopped me in my [...]

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