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Why You Should Make Out. Like, Now.

I don’t know about you, but I love to kiss. I could happily make out for hours and hours – though, it’s been years since that happened. We just don’t kiss enough as we get older.

Remember the hot and heavy sessions you had as a teenager? Too naïve to go any further, you’d simply be content (and really quite excited) to pash on the couch for an entire afternoon.

Not so long ago, a single kiss between a loving couple has captured worldwide attention.

V-J Day Kiss Times Square

Reminiscent of the V-J Day in Times Square image of the sailor planting one on a girl in white at the end of World War II, the newest iconic kissing image was against the backdrop of a hockey riot; Scott Jones and Alexandra Thomas were captured in a passionate embrace on the ground after being assaulted by riot police.

The Riot Kiss

In an interview the bewildered couple gave afterwards, Scott said he was kissing his girlfriend ‘to calm her down,’ as she was hysterical from the incident.

While the real complexities behind kissing are yet to be completely revealed, we do know his theory has merit. It certainly would have worked for me!

Kissing Reduces Stress

Affection of all types has been proven to reduce stress levels. Couples who kiss each other often have lower perceived stress in their lives and greater relationship satisfaction.

Chemistry-wise, a kiss triggers a wave of brain chemistry and neural messages that create bonding feelings, motivation and even euphoria in the body.

Over time in a relationship, though, kissing will likely diminish.

It’s probably no accident that Scott and Alexandra had only been dating six months when this picture was taken, and the first thing he thought to do was to kiss her. My own man would probably have checked my eyes for concussion and tested my reflexes first.

The type of kissing in a relationship also changes over time. Less press-me-against-the-wall and more perfunctory pecks as you leave the house for work.

But why? Why not indulge in a little make out session every now and then?

Underestimating the power of a kiss is a mistake.

Females, especially, need continued kissing to help keep tabs on their own relationship and level of commitment from their partners. It is the ultimate relationship barometer for them.

Men may be more content to let it slide, to want to engage in it only during, or as a lead-up to, sex.

Indeed, my friend N says he finds kissing ‘Boring.’ Another male Twitter follower sums it up simply as a ‘Means to an end that has its place and time limits – though (it is) sometimes an enjoyable means to an enjoyable end.’

One girlfriend admits ‘I love to kiss. My boyfriend, not so much. I definitely make him kiss me more than he wants to.’

Aside from the pure physiology, there is, of course, the romance factor. Women associate kissing with romance – which means sweeping her up into your arms for an enthusiastic kiss will gain you extra romance brownie points.

The real reason the riot kiss made the world swoon is because Scott and Alex are, as far as they are concerned, the only two people in that scene.

They ignored the riot police, they ignored the screaming crowds and the photographers snapping photos. It’s classic romance porn, usually reserved for rom-com movies.

If you need more romance in your life, then kiss more. More often, more passionately, more purposefully. And do it for longer.

If you have noticed a lack of lip-locking in your life, initiate a good old-fashioned, let’s-be-teenagers-again make out session, then sit back and reap the rewards. You should feel less stressed just thinking about it.

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