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Why You Should Try a Wingwoman

It’s happened more than once: Cocktails in hand, girly catch-up session in progress.

Enter stage left? An attractive girl on her own.

She breaks into the group with some sort of compliment – “Great shoes,” or “Love your hair.” – you welcome her into the fold and continue chatting.

Using a Wingwoman for Dating

Of course, she’s only there for one reason. She’s the ice-breaker for the group of guys that wants in.

Before you know it, the rest of her (testosterone-fuelled) pack has joined her. She introduces the men, and a textbook perfect pick-up attempt ensues (On Friday night, the guy in question negged me via my drink “Eeuww… what is that?” – something lifted straight from pick-up manual The Game).

The wingman technique has long been used by men in the pick-up arena.

A wingman plays offence by starting a conversation with a group of women in the room on your behalf, then runs interference once you join the group, entertaining the “friends” so you can get some alone-time with your “target” without them trying to come to her rescue.

Sounds complicated. And anyway, it’s passé. The new wingman is a woman.

There are many benefits to using a female wingman – wingwoman, if you will – and savvy men everywhere are enlisting the help of females to help them on the notoriously-tricky-to-navigate bar scene.

Women are experts on – you guessed it – women. And they’re a safe choice to have by your side if you’re out to get numbers for the night.

In today’s volatile dating world, it’s much easier for a smooth-talking lady to penetrate the harsh defences of a group of women at a bar rather than having a guy make the approach.

Another theory goes that having a woman vouch for you: “Oh, I’ve known him for years and he really is a great guy…” is more believable than having one of your mates talk you up. Women expect guys to spin a line to them in a bar. Cynical, but true. Not so much with a like-minded female, which is the equivalent of having an Olympic medallist endorse a brand of cereal. Pure marketing gold.

So next time you head out to meet the woman of your dreams, take a girl friend with you. Better yet, take two.

If you have no close female friends you can entrust with the job, consider hiring one. Agencies are springing up world-over, offering the services of trained wingwomen to men in need.

They will meet you at a bar, spend some time chatting to develop a back-story and then get to work hooking you up with the ladies you have your eye on.

Maybe she’ll go and buy a drink from the bar, while casually listening to someone’s conversation. And then, “Oh my gosh, my friend and I were just talking about that – wait, let me introduce you.”

These ladies are trained well. Once you get talking, they’ll casually excuse themselves to make a phone call and let you work your magic.

At cost of a hundred or so a night, you’ll end up with a few numbers (if that’s what you want).

The best part? You can judge whether you have instant chemistry straight away, as opposed to online dating where your judgements are based on stats on paper.

Used a wingwoman before? Been a wingwoman before? Did it work? Do tell…

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