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Worst Date #4: The Nudist Beach

Point Addis - Nudist Beach

So, we finally stopped procrastinating and we did it!

Worst Date #4…. The Nudist Beach.

This was so-called the “Worst Date” because over on our date ideas website, it has one of the worst ratings in our user voting system. Fair enough too, the thought of it is pretty intimidating! After putting it off for a couple of months, we bit the bullet and decided it was about time to do it.

Getting naked wasn’t even the hardest part. Finding the damn beach was! The directions we found on the web were hazy at best, it was like a state-wide treasure hunt for genitals… quite literally!

After driving around for a good 45 minutes, looping back and forth and taking wrong turns, we finally found the right turnoff at Torquay

Point Addis (VIC) - Entrance to Nudist Beach

from the highway, then found what we thought was the right “gap in the fence” and made our way down the steep cliff face pathway and onto the beach.

The sand was teeming with people. Clothed people. Family people. With children and dogs and those little tents you put up to stop getting sunburned.

As instructed, we followed the bay about 500m around to the legal nude section. We expected a big sign – “Nude Bathers May Be Encountered Past This Point”, perhaps. Even “You are Welcome to Get Naked From This Point On” would’ve been good. But there was nothing.

Until we saw him.

One guy, amongst all the families, in the water…

Emma Merkas Nude!

“Is he… naked?

Even when you’re looking for it, it’s kinda hard to tell. You don’t really want to stare. He was out in the waves, enjoying a leisurely swim.

Then there were more of them, lying naked up near the cliffs. Even then, the sight was so foreign to us that it was hard to tell…

Until suddenly, as we kept walking, we found ourselves amongst more flesh than clothing. The odd clothed person would walk past, but for the most part, the people here were certainly naked.

And, well… here’s a video we prepared for you so you can see our little adventure. A warning that you may see a little more of Den than you possibly need to!

So, yes we recommend it! It was actually a lot of fun. We still can’t quite believe we did it… but we do recommend it (though maybe not for a first date!)… if you’re daring enough!

And you know what? Doing something that is totally new and pushes all your comfort circles is invigorating! It inspires creativity and it is certainly what $30 Date Night is all about.

Have you done it? Would you do it? Tell us all your risque stories, we want to hear them!

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3 comments for “Worst Date #4: The Nudist Beach”

  1. Posted by jilly-oops! | January 25, 2010, 8:46 pm

    Hey Denis & Emm (by the way, noice toosh Denis!) – just had to share my story of my $30 date weekend at a nudist camp (yes it was $30, but it WAS over 30 years ago that I went). My then boyfriend suggested a weekend with a difference. We drove to the middle of nowhere (can’t remember exact location), but there was plenty of land and bush (the green stuff, I mean) around. Like you, it took us a while to actually get our gear off, but to my surprise, once it was off, nobody really took much notice. Well nobody, but me really. I’m still terribly scarred from the images etched in my head. From the people walking around with their shoes and socks and t-shirts on and NOTHING else, to the rear view of ‘elderly’ gentlemen, bending over to pick up their balls (tennis balls, I mean), with their back wheels dangling between their legs, it is something I will never forget! And yes, you would think that if you were in the middle of nowhere at a nudist camp, the chances of bumping into someone you knew, would be pretty slim. Well I was wrong. As we were wandering through a nice track bearing our bits, I hear this voice shout out, “hey, jilly-oops, is that you?”. It happened to be someone I had worked with, standing there in his glory (although, believe me, I could not bring myself to check him out properly, trying to keep my eyes above pee-level). Mind you, he certainly gave me the twice over. How embarrassment. To this day (thank goodness), I haven’t had the pleasure of bumping into him dressed or naked! Not sure if I’ll try the naked $30 date again! lol xxxxxxx

  2. Posted by That Guy from across the hall | January 27, 2010, 11:52 pm

    Fun, Fun, Fun!

    No way did I vote this as a ‘worst date’ idea. If your partner is comfortable with it then it is a def. 10/10!

    Great vid, btw, and good to see Den was being sunsmart with the hat (or was that an attempt at a disguise?)

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