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A cheeky adult game made only for 2.

I bought this game for Emma as a Christmas present in 2006... I had to discreetly hand it over to her at a family gathering - although Em's mother was all over the smoke and mirrors and knew I was up to something something...


Fun Factor - 9 / 10
Sexy Factor - 9 / 10
Romance Factor - 4 / 10

Overall Rating - 8 / 10

About Nookii
It's a game of suggestion...


It's fun! At first I was sceptical using a board game for sex play, although I knew it was down Emma's alley. I bought it as a Christmas present cause I wanted to give her something she wouldn't expect. (No, don't be silly... it didn't go under the family tree - although the family knew I was up to no-good when I had to give her the present in my car.)

The board game suggest a series of ideas that spice up foreplay and leave you hanging to jump into the act... but you must resist as the game gets better the more you progress. You begin with tame acts of sensuality and in no time clothes come off and the heat is turned up.

What I like about Nookii is that it's actually a lot of fun, the game moves quickly (about 30 mins of play time) and provides many suggestions that I wouldn't normally think of doing during foreplay or sex. An added bonus is that the game takes the hassle out of me having to work on foreplay (don't judge me... blame the Y chromosome).


Like anything that you do over and over... and then over and over again things tend to fall into the same old same old basket. We still use it, but not as frequently as what we did in the first year we bought it. With that said - the cost to use ratio still means that we got our monies worth and had a stack of fun doing it.


Nookii will cost you a fraction over $30 US dollars (perfect for a $30 Date Night). We recommend you get it from Amazon, click here to be taken straight there... Enjoy!