One Month to a More Exciting, More Fulfilling Relationship

Are You Bored With Your Relationship?

We all know how this thing called love works, right? You grow up, you meet a handsome prince or gorgeous princess and you fall in love. You get married and then - here comes the best bit - you live Happily Ever After.

Except, we've been given the wrong information.

We're taught that if it's 'true love', we won't have to work hard at it. That everything will fall into place. That if it is 'meant to be' we will be automatically happy together, forever.

What they don't do in movies is fast forward three months to show you Prince Charming sitting on the couch in his underwear, beer in one hand and remote in the other, disengaged and watching the game while Cinderella gets about the house in trackies with no make up on, regrowth in her blonde highlights, nursing crying babies and picking up Charming's dirty socks off the floor.

You Want the Truth?

There's no such thing as an automatic Happily Ever After. You have to work a little bit for it.

Does This Sound Like Your Relationship?

Do You Feel Like You Never Have Time For Each Other?

Most modern couples feel like this.

Between busy careers, commuting for work, doing housework, making dinner and running around after children - making sure they get to their sports games and extracurricular activities, it's no wonder everyone is exhausted and feels robbed of time.

Quite naturally, relationships fall to the background as this thing called life takes over.

Do You Wonder Where The Romance Went? The Spontaneity?

Remember when you and your sweetie first fell in love?

When you would be excited just to see them, when you would talk for hours about nothing in particular and run all over town having a great time together?

How long has it been since you felt those butterflies? Since your partner bought home flowers? Since you took an unplanned weekend away?

You're Not Alone - It's a Modern Relationships Crisis

It's an all-too-common problem we hear from couples. In fact, 6 out of 10 people are unhappy with their relationships, mostly due to:

  • Lack of Spontaneity
  • Lack of Romance
  • No time to give each other attention
  • Lack of Time to Talk

Which is devastating, because stale, boring marriages and relationships fall prey to:

  • Increased marital stress
  • Increased stress in other areas of life
  • Depleted coping skills when it comes to stressors
  • Less intimacy
  • Less romance
  • Less sex
  • Disconnection between partners
  • Less conversation between partners
  • Less satisfaction in relationships
  • Increased risk of infidelity

And with the divorce rate sitting at around the 50% mark, it's clear that almost all of these couples who are unhappy decide that there's nothing they can do to save it - all because of a rut.

And while ruts are toxic for marriages, they can be shaken up.

Don't Give Up On Your Relationship

This book addresses the critical ways we can fix all four of these common complaints with our one-month challenge.

Our method is to educate you and then inspire you and give you practical, real ways to go about fixing your relationship rut.

Your rut doesn't have to ruin you.

The good news is, if you've arrived here on this page, then you are worried about your flagging marriage.

Better yet, you want to do something about it!

If you've arrived here, we can safely say you are not happy to sit by and risk the consequences of an unfulfilled marriage, knowing you did nothing to stop it falling to pieces.

Find Out Why Marriages Get Into Ruts and How to Fix It.

This eBook is designed to help you shake off your rut. It's full of tips, action plans and great ideas to set you on your way to a happy, connected marriage again.

Ruts are Normal

This is the good news! What you're going through is completely natural. There's even a scientific reason for it.

And once you understand why you feel the way you feel, you can understand how to fix it.

Some Couples Seem To Have It All Together

Do you know a couple that just seem to have it going on? They still hold hands, they laugh together and are affectionate towards each other. They are always smiling. They look at each other with so much love.

Do you remember when that used to be you?

Do you want it back?

Let's make you that couple that everyone else envies!

Who am I?

My name's Emma Merkas.

Since 2006, my husband Denis and I have been running businesses that are all about helping couples stay intimate, connected and happy. Our businesses are practically based, providing tools that couples can use in their every day lives to enhance their relationships.

It's all very well for psychologists and counsellors to espouse what couples need to do to keep themselves happy. We are the missing link that shows couples how to do that together. And we have fun with it.

Our first business aimed at couples was Make Your Partner Melt. We have taught hundreds of couples how to massage each other. Massage is a wonderful gift to give a couple, touch and nurturing increases intimacy and trust and reignites a spark in couples that may have been missing for years.

Our favourite part of these courses is watching couples flirt with each other again as they learn their new massage skills, sneaking kisses on the cheek and giggling together.

Then we created $30 Date Night in 2008, a website full of date ideas for couples to inspire their weekly date nights. It's full of original, free content for you to access.

Our next project we are working on is the Melt List, still in Beta form.

And in the meantime, I have been writing hundreds of articles for couples on our blog and in my weekly dating and relationships column in Australian newspaper mX.

As far as the plight of the modern couple goes, we've got it covered. We know the situation, and we want to help address it.

What People Are Saying

"No excuses. That's right, Emma Merkas has heard them all and she's come up with a terrific e-book that will challenge you and your spouse to get out (and stay out) of a marriage rut.

This e-book is full of creative ideas, research-backed information, and helpful tips to support you and your spouse in reigniting your passion for each other.

The date ideas are so thought out that Merkas even includes tips on cleaning your bath tub before you turn it into a romantic oasis. That's just one example of how practical this e-book is."

STEVE COOPER, founder of Together 12 years.

"It's nice to know that you're not alone in thinking your relationship is becoming a tad mundane.

Emma identifies all of the stages in our relationships so we can understand the process. You find yourself saying throughout the book: "Oh that's so us!".

It really is a realistic guide to getting spontaneity and lust back into your relationship.

My first thought was "How am I going to do that with children?" however just as I asked myself Emma answered it and it is extremely achievable.

Emma doesn't just tell you what you should be doing she helps you actually do it by giving baby steps and ideas that will take you out of your boring comfort zone and reconnect with your partner. Save Your Marriage from Utter Boredom is an easy, quick, inspiring read for guys and gals worldwide."

RENEE MAYNE BRA QUEEN. Together 11 years, 2 kids.

Save Your Marriage... From Utter Boredom

I wrote this eBook as a guide to help couples pull themselves out of a rut and kick-start a new way of life that leaves room for love, laughter, romance and spontaneity.

I think if you can understand the reason behind so many relationship problems, you will have a better chance at beating the problems.

Further, I've outlined practical, real action plans on things you can do now to beat the rut and the one-month challenge for couples, full of date ideas, date tips and extra reading resources so you can learn more.

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