Date Ideas for under $30

Dessert only - go to a great restaurant after eating dinner at home and order desserts and coffees only

Go to a seedy pub or pool hall and challenge each other to a few rounds of pool.

Go to an amusement park and play on all the rides, eat fariyfloss and win giant stuffed animals!

Buy a bucket of balls at a local driving range and practice your golf swing!

Assign a silly throw to each different colored skittle candy... Before you bowl pick out a skittle to see which silly throw you'll be doing. Instructions here

Cash your money into coins and find a video game arcade. Play two-player and then share a soda after working up a sweat!

Your local comedy club usually has a cheap tickets night and even the undiscovered comedians can be hilarious!

Pack your bathers and beach towels and go to the local swimming pool for the day. Splash!

Bingo is so underrated. You don't have to have a blue rinse to have a blast! Take a sense of humour though.

Get your hips moving in sync at a salsa or tango class together!

Go fruit picking! Not only will you have the freshest fruit around, most places will also have a very cheap "eat as you pick" offer!

Drive out of town for some star gazing, equipped with a torch and a constellation map... see how many constellations you can find!

Go to the drive-ins. Pack your own snacks and a blanket and get cosy in the backseat.