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Paint a Portrait

$30 on art supplies… easy!

It’s wed night, date night… in usual fashion I’ve left it to the last minute. I jump on the $30 Date Night site and start clicking madly through the date suggestions when I stumble upon “paint a portrait of each other – Submitted by Ming from Melbourne.” Perfect, this is tonight’s date, thanks Ming!

Where, oh, where did my date night go?

For anyone keeping count, you may notice that it was Den’s date night turn last week. You may also notice there is no post from Den. That’s right, there was no date night. Sigh. We had originally rescheduled to Saturday but SOMEONE woke up with a sore head, feeling very sorry for themselves after a [...]

Casino Date Night

Date Night – inspired by DATE IDEAS generator. Ummm… Hm. I think I did a really bad thing. I have known for a long time that my beloved Den (hi baby) has an addictive personality. Longtime smoker, obsessive playstation gamer, Custard tartaholic… Soon to be addicted gambler. Thanks to me. We took a stroll through [...]

How to Do Date Night Right

How Date Night works … “Rules of Date Night” For us… (as in Denis and Emma) date night is simple, keep it cheap and have some fun. We do stick to some fundamental rules: here we go… Do it weekly, and take it in turns! If Emma took me out on a date last week, [...]

Taking Your Date Shopping

We took our $30 the other week and headed to late night shopping at Chadstone (it’s a huge mall, for our US readers…). We had $30 to spend on something lovely for Den. I expected him to hate the idea, but he was quite chuffed that we were spending a night all about him and [...]

Play Pool in a Seedy Pub

Can you remember the last time you actually learned something about your partner? Something that made you go “woah, that’s a little strange!” Like when you first noticed your partner’s walk… or a laugh that made you kinda go “thats a little different” I learned something new about Emma on our “play pool in a [...]

Denis, NAKED TWISTER is not a first date!

So I’m introduced to this sexy semi-blonde girl at a Hotel convention, “Denis, you must meet this person… she could possibly send some business your way…” I’m thinking ‘$$$’ brilliant! Like seriously, how f-u-c-k-i-n-g hard is it to run a start up and feed yourself at the same time!?!?!?! It’s mid 2004, I’m living in [...]